Learning about water in Sudbury

By TVOKids host Dalmar from TVOKids’ after-school program block, The Space
TVOKids recently travelled to Sudbury where I discovered some really cool facts about water. We taped it all for our special Canada Water Week programming on TVOKids.com and visited two different locations.

L-R, Dalmar, Kara and Drew, hosts of The Space, TVOKids’ afterschool programming block. (CNW Group/TVO)

The first location was the water treatment plant just outside of Sudbury. It is called the Wahnapitae Water Treatment Plant.
This plant takes water from the Wahnapitae River and filters it so that it is clean enough for us to drink at home. How great is that?
The second plant we visited was the Sudbury wastewater plant.  A nice man named Nick who is the Director of Water and Wastewater Services answered a few questions for me.  He sure knows a lot about water!
I asked Nick “What happens when you go to the washroom and you flush the toilet?” and “where does the water go?”
VIDEO: TVOKids Water Week – Treating Waste Water in Sudbury
Nick explained that the water travels to the Sewage Treatment Plant where they remove all the harmful bacteria in the water and make sure that it is safe before it is returned to the environment.
I also wanted to find out if there was anything we could do to prevent the water from being harmful. I learned that it is very important to NEVER put anything dangerous down the toilet like medication or toxic chemicals.
The toilet is not a garbage!
I discovered all kinds of new things about water in Sudbury and I’m really excited to share them with you.  Tune in to TVOKids on air and online March 19-25 and find out how you and your friends and family can make a difference and help conserve water in your community.
It is going to be a fun and crazy week about water!
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