Keeping the wonder of wildlife alive for future generations

WWF-Canada has partnered with Will Power, an exciting new initiative that can help you take action to include a charitable gift in your Will. If you’re curious about the difference you can personally make for nature and wildlife find out more here.

Ross canoeing
© Dennis Freeman

Retired molecular biologist Ross Hodgetts grew up surrounded by nature at the camp his father, a keen canoeist and fisherman, founded in Georgian Bay, Ont. “[My dad] insisted we learn about our environment — the trees, insects and other animals that surrounded us,” he says. “Those were my foundational years, and they left a strong impression on me.”

When not in school, most of Ross’ childhood free time was spent with his brother fishing, birdwatching knee-deep in swamp muck or rambling through the countryside on their bikes. Not much has changed for Ross. The retiree still considers himself an amateur birder and has succeeded at his goal to become as good a fly fisherman as his father was.

But the changes he’s seeing at his family’s camp are quite sobering.

“It’s sad to go back to the camp now in some ways,” says Ross, who can’t help but notice the dwindling wildlife populations, from the pike to the whip-poor-wills and spotted turtles. “Supporting WWF-Canada makes me feel like I’m doing everything I can to help.”

As a member of WWF-Canada’s Legacy Circle, Ross is determined to do what he can to protect wildlife and nature for the future.

Just as his childhood was spent roaming the great outdoors, Ross raised his own kids in the country with lots of space to explore. “In many ways,” he says, “I feel that leaving a legacy gift for WWF-Canada is a chance to pass my tr

adition of philanthropy on to them. I hope my children and grandchildren will be inspired by the family connection to nature that started with my own father. And I hope WWF-Canada will continue to thrive beyond my years.”


A Philadelphia vireo in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario, Canada.
A Philadelphia vireo in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario, Canada. © Tim Stewart / WWF-Canada

If you believe, like Ross does, in keeping the wonder of wildlife alive for generations to come, a gift in your Will to WWF-Canada could be the right choice for you.

Your Will is an opportunity to write your story, and the story of our natural world, long past your time on Earth. It is a testament to your values, your passion and your vision. By choosing to leave a gift for wildlife in your Will or estate plan, you can extend your love of nature beyond your lifetime and provide for your family. You don’t have to choose.

If you live in the Hamilton, Niagara or Halton region, Will Power can connect you with local legal services and financial advisors.