Is your inner animal a caribou?

Canadians feel at home in both the mountains and forests, are very social and love to travel – just like caribou! Tigers are high on the list too, which is fitting as this is the Year of the Tiger and WWF is working to double the number of tigers in the wild.
Top five Canadian “inner animal” results:
1. Caribou – 4,040
2. Grey wolf – 2,581
3. Asian elephant – 2,440
4. Walrus – 1,680
5. Tiger – 1,457
Our new Facebook app, developed with Zamtools, matches respondents to an “inner animal” based on their answers five questions about character traits, including their “look,” where they prefer to live, and favourite foods. Of course, the quiz is meant to be a fun way to raise awareness WWF’s important work protecting these species and their habitats. Our Symbolic Wildlife Adoption Program allows Canadians to symbolically adopt a species at risk and support our conservation work.

It’s a great time to discover your inner animal – we’re offering free shipping on adoption kits to Canadian addresses until December 17.
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