How can I be more water efficient? The Water Brothers weigh in

By Alexander Mifflin, star of the new TVO show, The Water Brothers
For the past year and a half, my brother and I have been travelling the world exploring incredible water-related environmental stories. Whenever we return home our friends and family all want to know how they can make a positive difference in their daily lives. So, here are three questions you can ask yourself and some tips to help you get started:

Alexander and Tyler Mifflin, hosts of the new TVO show The Water Brothers (C) The Water Brothers

1)      Where does my drinking water come from and what are the big threats to this freshwater supply?
Find out where your municipality or township sources their water and then figure out how to improve the health of your local watershed. Usually these can be very simple actions like avoiding putting pesticides and artificial fertilizers on your lawn or disposing of pharmaceuticals and hazardous chemicals properly (and not down the drain or toilet!). Most municipalities across North America will provide the proper disposal methods on their websites.
2)      What part of the ocean does the seafood on my plate actually come from and how was it caught (or grown)?
All major commercial fish stocks are predicted to collapse by the year 2048. Our oceans are in crisis and our eating habits are the main cause. The good news is that by simply asking the right questions and being more careful about what you choose to eat you can play an important role in healing our oceans! Use a or pocket seafood guide or smartphone app so you will always know the best choices.
3)      How can I make my home more water efficient?
It might surprise you but your lawn and your toilet are the two biggest water guzzlers in your home. Try installing a new low flow or dual flush toilet if you don’t already have one (rebates are often available) and don’t over-water your lawn (try a rain barrel and only water in the evening to reduce evaporation).