Green gift guide

If you’re one of our blog regulars, you likely already know about WWF-Canada’s symbolic wildlife adoptions. It’s like giving two gifts in one: a cute stuffed pal for your loved one, and a donation to help us protect a real animal’s habitat. With 20 species at risk to chose from, you’re sure to find a perfect match for everyone on your list. Our newest, super cutest additions this year are the lynx, grey wolf and walrus.

Our friends at the Nature Conservancy of Canada also work to protect habitat for species such as the burrowing owl, lynx and grizzly bear, through their Gifts of Canadian Nature.
WSPA’s Really Wild Gifts allow you to make a donation and send a personalized e-card to support their animal programs, including bear and elephant sanctuaries.
For the readers on your list, consider a subscription to a Canadian publication like Alternatives Journal – they’re offering special pricing for the holidays.
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Of course, you don’t need to spend money to give meaningful gifts. Cook a nice meal for a friend one or take on an annoying chore for someone in your family. After all, the best present is your presence, right?

Got other green gift ideas? We’d love to hear them!