Green energy gives BJCC a green marketing edge

Canadians are witnessing the devastating effects of climate change on the world. The solution lies in shifting the way we think about energy. Because energy – how we create it and how we use it – is at the heart of the issue.
In this 3-part series, WWF is profiling three Living Planet @ Work companies that have made the switch to 100% clean, pollution-free energy through green energy provider Bullfrog Power. They share the reasons why they chose green energy and how it has positively impacted their business.
With close to 2,000 employees and 11,500 properties across Canada, real estate management company Brookfield Johnson Controls Canada (BJCC) creates a big impact when it makes green choices.
One of those choices is becoming bullfrogpowered. Not only does BJCC choose green electricity for all of its three Ontario offices, they also help their tenants become stewards of the environment by offering them the option of becoming bullfrogpowered as well.
It works like this: for every kilowatt-hour of electricity used by BJCC or their tenants, Bullfrog Power puts the same amount of wind- or solar-generated onto the grid on their behalf.
The idea to choose Bullfrog Power began at the top. BJCC’s president, Gord Hicks, is well known for his passion for environmental initiatives and his determination to make his company an industry leader in sustainability.
Because of that commitment, BJCC has a strong track record of planet-friendly initiatives. For example, in just one year they achieved a 14% water reduction through their water conservation program at head office, while the “Zero Waste Initiative” at head office has diverted 45 tonnes of waste from landfills. On top of that, BJCC is one of just eight companies in Canada to verify their corporate greenhouse gas report and post it on the Clean Start Registry.

BJCC employees and their families show their support for the environment by participating in the CN Tower Climb for WWF! ©Brookfield Johnson Controls Canada

Green electricity was a natural next step for BJCC.
“It’s something we love to talk about. Sustainability is one of our core values and we are committed to being role models for a more sustainable future,” says Pearl Lee, a marketing and communications intern at BJCC.
Meanwhile, employees are happy knowing that the organization they work for is making sustainable choices and supporting green energy. “I think it’s important to work for a company you believe in; BJCC offers that for me,” says Lee.

Snapshot: Brookfield Johnson Controls Canada (BJCC)

Number of employees: 2,000
Location of head office: Markham, Ontario
Carbon dioxide equivalents saved per year through Bullfrog Power: 108 tonnes
Bullfrog Power customer since: 2008
Motivation for choosing Bullfrog Power: “Living sustainably is one of our core values and through our collaboration with Bullfrog Power, we can lead by example and encourage the adoption of sustainable energy choices,” says Marketing and Communications Intern Pearl Lee.
Interested in learning more about how your company and colleagues can help to make an impact to the renewable energy landscape in Canada? Head over to WWF’s Living Planet @ Work site to download the Renewable is Doable Guide!