Good news: right whale disentangled

They successfully disentangled the right whale that was found on Christmas Day off Florida trailing over 200’ of ropes and wire mesh.
It was a tricky operation and the team had to be creative because right whales are not known to be particularly calm when they are entangled. Given the situation they are in, this is understandable; however, it makes it difficult for teams to disentangle them as they sometimes need to get quite close in order to get to the ropes.
In order to get closer to this whale, the disentanglement team administered a sedative at-sea! This allowed them to calm the animal down enough for the team to safely get in there and successfully cut the remaining ropes which were wrapped through its mouth and around its flippers. Click here for more information on this effort.

Disentanglement team approaching whale (c) EcoHealth Alliance
This was only the second time a free-swimming entangled whale had been sedated to help disentanglement efforts, the first occurring in March 2009, also off Florida and also leading to a successful outcome.
We don’t know what will happen to this whale, but these people have given it a chance to live.

A gear-free whale! (c) EcoHealth Alliance
Despite all the odds, these animals are fighting to survive. And, as is clearly evidenced by these wonderful, dedicated teams as well as the many others involved, people are out there fighting with and for them.
Because of our wonderful donors and partners, we are able to be part of that team.
Thank you.