Fundraising to the top!

With only eight days left until the Canada Life CN Tower climb, WWF-Canada is incredibly grateful to everyone participating and fundraising. When you climb the CN Tower and raise funds, you are supporting our work for a future where people and nature thrive.
It’s not too late to register and fundraise! Sign up now and fundraise for your chance to win a lunch and urban walk with WWF-Canada’s President and CEO David Miller. More details below!
This year we’re pleased to recognize three outstanding fundraisers who have raised over $500 in a week! With one week left, they let us in on their tips for supercharging their efforts

Abby Yew – Rookie Activator

© Abby Yew
© Abby Yew

First time climber and lover of anything furry, Abby Yew’s fundraising efforts have paid off! By adding her own note to her fundraising page and emails, Abby connected with her friends and gave them a personal reason to give. Thanks to her wonderful, compassionate and generous group of friends and family, Abby was able to raise over $500 in a week and is now nearing in on $1,000!
Says Abby: “I am an advocate of non-profit organizations that fulfill a need that is created because of human overconsumption. I want to ensure that I leave a positive footprint!”
Consider supporting Abby’s climb at her personal fundraising page.

Avneet Moondi – Passionate Competitor

© Avneet Moondi
© Avneet Moondi

This will be Avneet’s second time up the tower. Her first climb left her with a great feeling of accomplishment that she’s looking forward to again this year. Being both passionate about the environment and highly competitive, Avneet started her fundraising journey by setting her goal high to inspire support. She then emailed her friends, family and colleagues and shared how important the cause is to her; “I’m a strong believer that every little bit helps and goes a long way and I like to be able to do my part”.
Consider supporting Avneet’s climb at her personal fundraising page.

Janice Shewchuk – Veteran Endurance

© Janice Shewchuk
© Janice Shewchuk

This will be Janice’s fifth time climbing the tower. An avid snorkeler and diver, she likes marine life – like sea turtles, dolphins and whales. Janice is motivated to fundraise and climb by WWF-Canada’s efforts to protect and preserve vulnerable places, communities and spaces. Her secret to fundraising over $500 in one week? Just asking! “I am very fortunate to have very supportive friends, family members and co-workers.  I requested donations and was pleasantly surprised in their generosity.”
Consider supporting Janice’s climb at her personal fundraising page.
We’d like to thank Abby, Avneet and Janice for climbing and fundraising to support WWF-Canada’s conservation work. For extra motivation, check out some of our top conservation successes that the past 24 years of climbing have supported!
Conversation Sucesses
Are you up for the challenge? Register now!
Registration is still open and all climbers who raise more than $500 between April 17 and April 25 will be entered to win lunch and an urban walk with WWF-Canada’s President and CEO David Miller. Register now to get started working towards this great opportunity to learn more about WWF, our conservation efforts, and the urban wonderland that is Toronto.
New this year, to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of WWF’s Canada Life CN Tower climb, WWF-Canada is introducing Platinum Panda. Looking to recognize our top fundraisers, WWF-Canada is offering a first-class climb experience all the way to the top of the tower. Fundraise over $1,000 as an Individual, or an average of $1,000 per climber across your Team, and allow us to introduce you to the Platinum Panda experience! Find out more