Five new wildlife species for adoption – in time for the holidays

Few gifts are as meaningful or memorable as conserving wildlife and the oceans, lakes, rivers and forests they need to survive. This holiday season, give a gift that means the world by symbolically adopting a species (or five).
Meet the newest additions to our plush collection: the Canada lynx, Atlantic puffin, black-footed ferret, three-toed sloth and red fox. Every adoption kit supports vital conservation work at a time, as made evident by the Living Planet Report Canada, wildlife need our help.

Canada lynx

With paws likened to snowshoes, the Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis) expertly hunts in the snow. The lynx can be found in forests in some of the most beautiful places in the country. Adopt this beloved cat to help other iconic wildlife overcome threats to their survival.
Fast fact: The lynx ranges in size from that of a domestic cat to six times larger.

Atlantic puffin

The Atlantic puffin (Fratercula arctica) – like humpback and fin whales and Atlantic cod – depend on small forage fish for food and will dive as deep as 60 metres underwater to catch them. By adopting the puffin, you can help support WWF-Canada’s work to keep our oceans healthy for wildlife big and small.
Fast fact: The Atlantic puffin’s colourful beak has earned it the nickname “sea parrot.”

Black-footed ferret

The black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes) was believed to be globally extinct until a small population was discovered in the 1980s. Along with other organizations, WWF-Canada helped reintroduce this feisty species back to the Canadian wilderness. The black-footed ferret gives us hope that species at risk can, and do, recover. By adopting one as a gift, you are supporting conservation work to help reverse the decline of wildlife.
Fast fact: A solitary and nocturnal carnivorous mammal, the black-footed ferret is one of the most endangered mammals in North America.

Three-toed sloth

Sloths spend nearly all their time hanging upside down in the treetops, using their strong grip and long claws to hold them in place, rarely venturing to the forest floor where they risk being caught by much faster animals. Deforestation of tropical rainforests threatens their survival. Your symbolic adoption will help protect species at risk around the world.
Fast fact: The sloth is so sedentary that algae grow on its fur coat.

Red fox

The red fox (Vulpes vulpes) is one of the most widespread and resourceful animals on the planet, having adapted to habitats as diverse as tundra, desert, forest, grassland, mountain and even urban areas. You can help ensure healthy habitats for the red fox and the many species that share its varied homes by adopting one.
Fast fact: Red foxes are usually red in colour, but can also be black or silver.
Give a gift that means the world

Each adoption kit includes a high-quality wildlife plush, personalized adoption certificate, an attractive species poster with information about your species and the work you are supporting and a reusable gift tote bag. For more gifts that give back, visit