Ezzy Lynn: Young entrepreneurs building a better business

It is becoming more common for companies – both large and small – to build sustainability and philanthropy into their business model. Companies across Canada are looking to adopt sustainable business practices, reduce their environmental impacts, engage their customers in a meaningful way and donate to the causes that most inspire them.  Ezzy Lynn is a unique and exciting example of one of these companies.
Ezzy Lynn is a premium, lifestyle brand of trendsetting apparel and accessories. All products are handcrafted from vegan and upcycled materials and produced in Ontario at the Centre for Social Enterprise and the Environment.  From crop tops to scrunchies, each item represents a unique species-at-risk, which is symbolically adopted through WWF-Canada from proceeds of each sale.

ezzy lynn
Ezzy Lynn founders (left to right) Sonja Fernandes, Bianca Lopes and Samantha Laliberte. © Ezzy Lynn

Ezzy Lynn aspires to be a global fashion brand that is progressive in its designs and trends while showcasing how you can be a large corporation without sacrificing your values. It’s important to them that consumers understand that corporations can be truly conscious from inception to delivery.
Started by three young and talented entrepreneurs, Samantha Laliberte, Bianca Lopes and Sonja Fernandes have all embodied WWF’s support of nature and wildlife from an early age. Samantha has been a vegetarian for over eight years, Sonja is an advocate for socially conscious consumerism and Bianca takes an active role in corporate fundraising for conservation initiatives.
Their vision is to inspire and celebrate a culture of socially conscious consumerism to a culture that cares about the world we live in, and expresses themselves through fashion.
wolf srunchie
Grey Wolf Scunchie © Ezzy Lynn

WWF-Canada is inspired by the next generation of business leaders that are truly building a better future for people and nature. We are grateful to have the support of Ezzy Lynn and all businesses that do better day by day.