Executive Chef Susur Lee dishes on the electric vehicle

Anyone who has eaten in one of multi-award winning, world-renowned Chef Susur Lee’s restaurants (Lee, Bent and Luckee, to name a few in Toronto) can probably attest to his commitment to high standards and quality. It’s part of what makes him a world-renowned chef – he’s serious about sourcing exceptional ingredients and bringing people together around great meals.

Susur Lee
Executive Chef Susur Lee doing what he does best in the kitchen of his Toronto restaurant, Lee. © Rebecca Spring / WWF-Canada

So it made perfect sense that Susur, affectionately known as the “ponytailed chef,” was impressed by the innovation, smart design and the possibilities that electric vehicles (EVs) bring to our cities. He took a spin around downtown Toronto with our president and CEO, David Miller, as part of the  hunger-inducing episode on our new web series “First Dates with David Miller.”
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They visited a local farm stand and got up close and personal with honeybees on the roof of the MaRS Discovery District. Climate change has exacerbated dangers to the population size of honeybees, which are crucial to food security, so kudos to MaRS and other urban beekeepers like Fairmont. There’s even a Toronto Beekeepers Association (who knew?).
© Rebecca Spring /  WWF-Canada
David and Susur became urban beekeepers for the day, on the rooftop of the MaRS Discovery District in downtown Toronto. © Rebecca Spring / WWF-Canada

Susur grew up frugal minded and was taught to get the most out of ingredients wherever possible. Canning food like peaches or blueberries at their peak, he says, will “taste like summer” when you open the jar later in the year. Let’s hold on to that sunny thought as we get ready for winter!

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