Do you sea what I sea? – World Oceans Day 2013

I have long lived near the ocean, and consider it an essential part of my life.
All encompassing blue waves, seabirds, jagged icebergs, and marine creatures of all shapes and sizes, the ocean is a fascinating and vitally important link for all living things on earth.
The water surrounding Newfoundland and Labrador’s rocky coastline is a very productive marine environment that’s home to all kinds of fish species and mammal populations.  Some of the big standouts are grayish brown, speckled, and smooth scaled Atlantic cod, as well as hefty 25 – 40-ton knobby headed Humpback whales that greet you with sweeping “hello” with a breach, and slap of its broad tail.
steph nicoll green cliff
The area has enormous natural beauty, but behind its pretty face is a fine-tuned system that’s extremely important for both species and ecosystem conservation, a mission that WWF-Canada is committed to. Significantly, this same expansive ocean system is also intimately linked to the livelihoods of Newfoundland and Labrador communities.
One aspect of my position here at WWF-Canada is to reach out to communities with fun and awareness building initiatives. That’s why, for the past 4 years, I have been thrilled to sit on the committee for World Oceans Day here in St. John’s.  One of the ways we show our commitment to protecting the oceans is by hosting a Free Family Fun Event for World Oceans Day!  For the second year in a row this dynamic event will be held at the Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland and will feature exciting kid-friendly booths, balloon animals, face painting, touch tanks, entertainment, prizes and much more!  The WWF-Canada booth will include fun facts about Marine life and conservation, and will include things such as coloring pages, stickers, tattoo – just to name a few!
steph nicoll oceans day cake
We encourage all Canadians to participate in Oceans Day activities and learn about the many actions you can take to keep our oceans thriving and beautiful.  Remember, the survival of our ocean critters and their environment, depend on the decisions we make from day to day. Things like choosing sustainable seafood or bringing reusable bags when you go shopping may seem like nothing at all, but even these simple acts help in a big way.
If you are in the St. John’s area on June 8th, stop by and check out the inspiring world of ocean wonder at the World Oceans Day Event, and learn cool and interesting facts about our Oceans!
To learn more about the World Oceans Day Event in St. John’s, NL, visit the event Facebook page: WORLD OCEANS DAY – FREE FAMILY FUN DAY!
Happy World Oceans Day!