Deborah’s Story: In memory of Doug Knuff

The past year or so has been incredibly challenging, but even that hasn’t stopped our champions of nature from protecting wildlife and habitat. This week is dedicated to YOU, our supporters. Thanks for letting us tell your stories and inspire a future generation of environmentalists. 

This past April, we announced a call-to-action gift-matching program to help protect tigers and snow leopards. 

So, Deborah Knuff, our wonderful WWF-Canada champion for nature, sprang into action and decided to donate in memory of her late brother Doug Knuff (pictured below).  

Doug Knuff sitting with tiger cub
© Doug Knuff

“As a kid, my brother Doug Knuff was always bringing home injured or abandoned animals and nursing them back to health so he could return them to the wild,” she says.

“He was able to fulfill his lifelong dream when he became a zookeeper at Toronto Metro Zoo where he worked in the infirmary. He loved all the animals, but you can see from the photo that he especially loved the big cats! I’m pleased to support the WWF in his memory.” 

Tigers (Panthera tigris) live in diverse landscapes — from rainforests,  grasslands and savannahs to mangrove forests and high-elevation habitats. These big cats play an essential role in ecosystems that help people and other wildlife thrive. While WWF-Canada works hard to support these incredible animals, we could not do it without our team of passionate supporters.  

Thank YOU, Deborah, for your wonderful gift for wildlife inspired by your late brother Doug who cared so deeply about big cats. We are grateful to have passionate champions for nature by our side to help protect wildlife and nature.  

Honour or remember someone who matters most to you by donating to WWF-Canada in their name. Celebrate their life by supporting a healthy planet.