Clowning around in an electric car with comedian Mark McKinney

Mark McKinney has been crushing heads and busting guts since the ‘80s as a comedic actor, writer, producer and Canadian icon. This Kids in the Hall alum loves cycling around Toronto and has an intense interest in making this country a better place. He also has the amazing ability to breeze from a serious discussion on the future of renewable energy to a sidesplitting joke at speeds that give us whiplash.

Mark McKinney

When we set up Mark on a first date with WWF’s president and CEO, David Miller, we were confident magic would happen. Sure enough, sparks flew as they toured around Toronto in an emission-free electric car, visiting some favorite spots such as Grange Park, Kensington Market, and Exhibition Place’s wind turbine.
Mark McKinney
© David Miller/ WWF-Canada

Watch David and Mark talk a (gas-free) mile per minute tackling topics ranging from city design and painful attempts at learning to bike, to tai-chi and politics, on this episode of our “First Dates with David Miller” web series.

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