Why I Climb for WWF: The Renewable Climber

Su is regarded at her work, Bullfrog Power, as the go-to climb veteran. This comes as no surprise, as this Thursday marks her 7th climb! Su participated in the Annual Canada Life CN Tower Climb for WWF even before she joined Bullfrog, and was very excited to learn that WWF and Bullfrog are long-time partners.

© Su
Su with Panda © Su

“My first climb for WWF was with my sister, and it was a really memorable experience. We fundraised together, trained together, and motivated each other all the way up those 1776 steps!” Su recalls. “It was also very heartwarming to see so many people together for a shared cause, one that I believe in”. A long-time WWF supporter, Su finds the climb a great way to fundraise for a cause that she believes in. “I try to spread the word of the work of WWF and similar organizations, that work to address the impacts of climate change. I often get involved in green initiatives in my community, as I believe all of us as individuals have a role to help preserve the environment around us.” This belief only grew stronger when Su joined the Bullfrog team six years ago. “It makes sense for me to work for a renewable energy company, where my work can have an impact on making changes in my life, and also other people’s lives to live more sustainably”.
As this is her 7th climb, Su is regarded as a climb champion among the Bullfrog team. She’s the go-to gal for anyone interested in joining Bullfrog’s climb team. This year she’s led the charge in recruiting not just one team for Bullfrog, but two teams, for the first year ever! She recruits, encourages, gives fundraising tips, and has even organized weekly training sessions for her teammates in the stairwell of her condo building! One of the other veteran Bullfrog climbers, Scott, is always the fastest climber on the team, and is consistently in the top 5 climbers. “Having such a speedy co-worker is definitely good motivation”.
Su is a champion among her team, but she says it’s easy when there’s great leadership at Bullfrog to learn from: “Despite the fact that this is our CEO’s first year with Bullfrog, and first time climbing, he’s shown great enthusiasm! He approached me about joining the climb team, and he’s blown us away with his amazing fundraising and leadership for the climb”. Another Vice President at Bullfrog is a first time climber, and is climbing with his 11-year old daughter! Su would like to thank everyone on the Bullfrog climb teams for their phenomenal fundraising and commitment.
We’re looking forward to seeing Su and the rest of the Bullfrog team at the top of the tower on Thursday!