Celebrating Canada Water Week: Why healthy waters matter

Water: It is our lifeblood. Yet, sometimes, it’s easy to forget just how big of a role it plays. Not only do we depend on water for survival, but some of our fondest and most emotional memories are connected to water. Because of this, it’s crucial that our waters stay healthy, from coast to coast.
Canada Water Week, from March 16 – 22, is dedicated to celebrating the importance of freshwater across the country. By engaging workplaces in water-related events and activities, the campaign aims to inspire employees across Canada to take action and support on-the-ground freshwater projects.
These two champions have some great plans to drive employee excitement for Canada Water Week:

Pearl Lee, Brookfield Johnson Controls Canada

©Brookfield Johnson Controls Canada

Favourite water memory: “As a child, my family used to call me fishy because I would spend hours in the water. Whether it was at a beach, at swim practice or even in a bathtub, I would ensure that my fingers were as pruned as could be!  There’s something therapeutic about being in water, and I still feel that to this day.”
Brookfield Johnson Controls’ Canada Water Week plans: We have a wide array of activities planned, including a freshwater documentary screening, a WWF freshwater expert lunch and learn, and an auction and bake sale to help WWF raise funds for water heroes across the country!

Emily Giles, WWF-Canada

©Julie Anne Lamberts
©Julie Anne Lamberts

Favourite water memory: “When I was younger, my brother and I loved exploring the bog that sat virtually right in our backyard. The bog provided us with hours of endless fascination – it was filled with tadpoles, frogs, snapping turtles, and the coolest thing of all – carnivorous pitcher plants. I remember floating around the bog on our old patched-up rubber dingy and being both scared and fascinated by the mysteries of those murky waters!”
WWF’s Canada Water Week plans: For Canada Water Week, we are organizing a ton of fun activities including a “dress in blue” day, a movie screening, and a trivia challenge!
Canada Water Week is a great way to engage people at work to start thinking about the true importance of water, and to have fun while doing it! If you are interested in championing Canada Water Week in your workplace, download the toolkit on our Spring Things page to get started!