Celebrating a VERY special Water Hero on World Water Day

By now, you’ve heard a few stories on some of the work our water heroes have been doing across the country, like searching for that elusive caddisfly to indicate how healthy our waters are, and saving the rare spiny softshell turtles in the Thames River.

Caption: Mountains reflected in still water, Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada. © Zoe Caron / WWF-Canada
Mountains reflected in still water, Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada. © Zoe Caron / WWF-Canada

But, there’s still a very important water hero that we haven’t yet celebrated; one whose actions are crucial to the future of our rivers, lakes, and watersheds. Without this water hero, maintaining healthy waters would be near impossible. So, today on World Water Day, we would like to celebrate YOU!
Here’s how your actions are helping WWF to reach its goal of ensuring healthy waters across Canada by 2025:
By reducing your water footprint through ways like eating less meat, using water-efficient appliances, and thinking “blue” in everything you do, you are helping to support the freshwater habitats and species that are crucial to the livelihoods and identity of each and every one of us.
When you educate yourself about freshwater by getting to know your watershed, reading about fascinating freshwater species, and learning about some of the major freshwater challenges surrounding us today, you will get a better sense of how your actions will truly make an impact on our waters. Furthermore, you will be able to pass this vital message along to others, and help them to become water heroes too!
By participating in community-wide events for Canada Water Week, you are joining a broader movement to support healthy rivers and living lakes that we all depend on every day. It’s also a great excuse to get outside, get your hands dirty, and have a ton of fun (don’t forget that even though some of Canada’s water is frozen right now, ice and snow are other forms of freshwater!)
By championing workplace activities around freshwater such as hosting an H2O trivia challenge, hosting a freshwater documentary screening, or participating in a shoreline cleanup, you are not only helping to increase employee morale, but are igniting the power of employee engagement to create meaningful environmental change.
OLG green champions hosting a shoreline cleanup. ©OLG
OLG green champions hosting a shoreline cleanup. ©OLG

By supporting Canada Water Week, you will be helping WWF fund community water monitoring and restoration projects through the Loblaw Water Fund. Together, WWF and our Water Heroes are working to secure a healthy freshwater future for people and for nature.
When you extend your actions past Canada Water Week and embed them into your daily routine, you are leading by example, becoming a source of encouragement to others around you, and are demonstrating your support for healthy waters from coast to coast.
So, thank you for all the actions, both big and small, that you do to keep our waters healthy. Thank you supporting water projects across Canada, and helping others see their connection to water.
Thank you for being a water hero.