Captain Canada takes a stand for the Great Bear

Scott Niedermayer has had success at every level of his hockey career, racking up four Stanley Cups and two Olympic gold medals. Now, he brings that same spirit and winning record to his role as spokesperson for Canadians for the Great Bear, championing one of the richest and most spectacular ecosystems in the world.

Standing in the middle of a stream—literally up a creek— on B.C.’s North Coast, he reflects on nature’s amazing interconnectedness. Salmon swim upstream past his ankles to spawn, while the dead fish that line the banks provide food for wolves and bears and fertilize the soaring cedars. He realizes that it would only take one oil spill to destroy this delicate cycle.
“Here in Canada, I think we have a responsibility to do all we can to protect these amazing places,” says Niedermayer. That’s why he has chosen to work with WWF, inspiring other Canadians to speak up against the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline that would cut through the Great Bear region.
What lessons from the ice rink does he bring to ecological conservation?
“Persistence does pay off,” says Niedermayer. “You need to believe in what you’re doing and believe you can accomplish it.”
As a child in Cranbrook, B.C., he treasured the mountains, rivers, and lakes around him. Now, he volunteers with WWF to ensure this valuable wilderness remains a part of the Canadian experience.
“I will do whatever it takes to make sure that, one day many years from now, my grandchildren will be up a creek too,” Niedermayer promises.