Buckle up and join the rEVolution!

We’re really excited about this campaign. So excited in fact, we created an infographic to show what we think needs to be done and where it might get us.

We know that we’ve set the bar high here. And we also know that we’re not going to do it on our own. There are already amazing organizations and companies across Canada that are working to bring this switch to life. We know that there have been bumps on the road and that there are some real barriers that need to be addressed before electric transportation can work for everyone, and that’s why we’ve joined the revolution!
Why not join us? There’s a lot you can do for the revolution (and it doesn’t involve buying a new car)
–Get Informed! Have questions? Unsure what all the fuss is about? Check out our webpages and if you still have questions, let us know and we’ll answer them!

–Have an Electrifying Experience! There are many ways to try out an EV! You can test-drive one at a dealership or try one out through a carshare (Toronto; Montreal; and Waterloo Region all have EV options). If your local dealership or rental company doesn’t have one, ask them why not!

–Tell us about your experience and hear about others! Share your stories about driving an electric vehicle and check out these people and businesses who live with an EV.
— Get involved at work! Talk with your colleagues about the campaign. If you rent vehicles or have corporate cars at work – ask why they’re not electric!