Bringing clarity to WWF’s Living Rivers Initiative on the St. John River and addressing community concerns

I was able to share the project’s progress as a result of discussions and meetings that have occurred over the past few months.  I am pleased to report that we have addressed a number of the community’s concerns, namely our withdrawal from the “Take me to the River” documentary, our position on dams (we are neither for nor against), and our commitment to ongoing dialogue and engagement with the community over time.  I also took the opportunity to highlight some next steps for the project, some of which I have already talked about in my previous blog.
Dr. Allen Curry presented a summary of The St. John River: State of the Environment Report.  There were lots of interesting facts around fish (there are 53 species in the St. John River), the changes in water temperature (its warming up) and the changes to flows and habitats within and along the river over time.  There was lots of interest in the content of the report and more effort will be placed in sharing the findings of this report and other research as we move through this project.
Many thoughtful questions were asked by those in attendance.  Through answering these questions and the presentation, I was able to bring clarity to our effort and the project’s focus in the health of the St. John River.
Thanks to everyone who has taken the time and energy (significant in a number of instances) to engage us on the project.  I appreciate your genuine enthusiasm and look forward to working together as we envision a healthier St. John River for people and nature.