Breaking: Our new campaign

Our Facebook page might feel a bit different these days.

Our newest campaign isn’t just a video (sorry Norman) or call to donate, it’s an entire news channel chronicling what could – and likely would – happen in British Columbia’s Great Bear region if the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal goes forward. We wanted to engage Canadians, wherever you live, in the very real risks involved in the proposal.
In 2006, Canadian governments forged an historic agreement with First Nations, industry, and other groups to set out a global model of sustainability designed to create jobs, attract investment, and strengthen communities while protecting ecosystems. All of this is now at stake, and we believe this raises important questions about the kind Canada we want.

© Andrew S. Wright  / WWF-Canada

We are adamant that any pipeline in this region is far too big a risk for local communities, the rare ecosystem, and for Canada as a whole. So while the Inevitable News is not real, the campaign gives us a chance to act. We hope you support it, talk about it, tweet about it, and follow the Joint Review Panel process. What is being proposed is unacceptable. It does not have to be inevitable.