These birthday heroes raised $1 MILLION for wildlife

May 16th is WWF-Canada’s birthday — that’s 56 years of coming together for conservation across Canada. To mark this milestone, we’re celebrating some amazing kids who have shared their own birthdays with nature.  

Through our partnership with ECHOage, children and other nature lovers have raised an incredible $1 million at 7,000 birthdays and special occasions to help WWF-Canada conserve wildlife and habitats. 

Thank you, Lachlan 

Young boy holding stuffed animals, laughing
Lachlan © ECHOage

Lachlan decided to share his 8th birthday with WWF-Canada because, in his words,I want to help fight climate change and save the animals!”

He hosted an ECHOage birthday party where instead of bringing presents, guests made contributions to be split between one group gift (he is still deciding between a Leafs or Raptors jersey) and a cause that mattered to Lachlan climate change and animals.

Thank you, Emerson 

Young boy smiling
Emerson © ECHOage

For Emerson’s last birthday, he chose to split his birthday contributions between Star Wars Lego and WWF-Canada because, as he puts it, “I love narwhals and sharks and I wanted to help them!”   

Thank you, Quinn

Young girl smiling, holding a dog
Quinn © ECHOage

When asked why she chose to donate all of her birthday contributions to WWF-Canada, Quinn said, “I love animals and I wanted to help them and take care of them! I already got great presents from Mommy and Daddy (an LOL doll mall). So I decided to give 100 per cent to help as many animals as I could!”   

Thank you to our birthday heroes! Click here to read more of their stories!  

When you share your birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary or other special moment with WWF-Canada, your personal milestone helps wildlife, nature and people thrive together.

Find out more about how to host a party with ECHOage, or how to celebrate in your own way with WWF-Canada.