Balance Restored at the International Joint Commission

Hurray!  Were our concerns heard?  On the heels of our  open letter  to Prime Minister Harper, created in collaboration with the Forum for Leadership on Water and efforts by our colleagues at Environmental Defence,  Prime Minister Harper has appointed two Commissioners  to represent Canadians at the International Joint Commission (IJC).

As I’ve discussed before,  equal representation at the Commission is vital in ensuring balanced solutions on shared waters that reflect the interests and needs of Canadians and Americans are met.

ParhizgarF_20080609_005Sunshine over Lake Ontario (C) Frank  Parhizgar/WWF-Canada

This is particularly important now.  In the next month, the IJC will host public hearings on Plan 2014  – an environmentally progressive proposal to manage water level in Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River that restores the environment while meeting all stakeholder needs.  The issue is of national importance and the decision will have lasting implications for many stakeholders. Canadians  deserve proper representation in such an important decision.
We look forward to speaking to all six commissioners when we officially present our position at the public hearings next month.
If you’re interested in learning more about the public hearings or sharing your support for Plan 2014, details are available here.