Arctic Home: save their future for our future

To help ensure that doesn’t happen, we’re working with Coca-Cola on the Arctic Home campaign.  This gives Canadians a chance to engage in Arctic issues, a chance they might not otherwise get.  It’s also an important source of funding for our Arctic work.
Here’s how you can make a difference:
-Check out Coke’s white cans, available across North America, featuring the iconic polar bear and its home
-Double your impact, thanks to Coca-Cola’s donation matching, at or
Our partnership with Coke is really important because it helps us reach an audience that we wouldn’t otherwise reach and it delivers a really powerful, positive and hopeful message.   WWF and Coca-Cola can accomplish much more together than we ever could separately.  Coke has shown tremendous leadership on reducing its impact on the environment.

The planet is changing really quickly and nowhere more quickly than in the Arctic.  Obviously the communities of people and wildlife who live there are very resilient – this has never been the most hospitable climate.  Polar Bear’s resilience is part of the reason they’re so iconic and we love them so much.  But it’s really important that we all understand that they need our help.
Climate change is affecting the Arctic significantly – as temperatures increase at twice the global average, Arctic sea ice is melting at 11 per cent a decade.  We want to plan ahead.  We want a future for the Arctic where the communities are vibrant and sustainable and where the remarkable species, in particular the polar bear, have a long-term future on the planet.  And we want our kids to have an Arctic when they’re our age.