Annual Students On Ice trip kicks off this week in Iqaluit

By Carolyn Dawe, Youth Engagement Officer, WWF-Canada
In just a few days, I am going to be joining 80 high-school students and 34 other field staff on the Students on Ice Arctic Youth Expedition. Together we will be learning first-hand about climate change, seeing it with our own eyes, and surely coming home with new friendships and an expanded perspective of the urgency of action.
I am lucky enough to be representing WWF on the expedition, along with 3 incredible young women that WWF is sponsoring from Nunuvut, Greenland, and the Northwest Territories. Hailing from Vancouver, and having never ventured north of Edmonton (and in the summer at that), I really can’t begin to know what the real Arctic is going to be like. The only certainty I have is that over the next 2 weeks the Arctic is going to develop new meaning to me. It is going to change from something in my mind, to something that I will live and breathe. It will change to be the place that I saw that animal, where I met those people, and where I ventured into that community. It is going to change my life in a new and unexpected way.

Students on Ice

So for now on this hot July day I will return to reading the incredible adventure stories of last year’s Students on Ice participant Sara Falconer, digging out my warm clothes, preparing workshops for the trip, and getting excited for the adventure ahead.
Stay tuned for updates on the adventure and stories of my trip from Nunavut to Greenland, and many places in between!