An open letter to the new government of Canada

Dear Mr. Trudeau,
Congratulations on your election as Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister and the election of a Liberal majority government.
One of the first issues this parliament will face is Canada’s leadership on climate change at the UN Conference of the Parties in Paris this December.
For too long Canada has been in the background on climate change action. Canadians are pleased by your party’s platform and approach to this issue and we look forward to working with Canadian representatives in Paris to make positive progress towards an agreement.
A global agreement on climate change should:

  • Send a clear signal to citizens and investors that Canada is committed to a downward emissions trajectory by committing to phase out fossil fuels and employ 100 per cent renewable energy by 2050.
  • Set short- and medium-term goals to ensure we are on the path to our long-term goals.
  • Ensure fairness and equity across all communities and countries.
  • Ensure we have enough resources to deal with the climate crises.
  • Promote transparency and accountability to foster collaboration between regions and countries.
  • Protect vulnerable people and ecosystems.
  • Be based in science.

Once the climate change agreement has been signed, a clear policy and regulatory pathway for achieving CO2 reductions by 2020 and beyond, as outlined in your platform commitments, will be critical.
Canadians, together with businesses, and their city and provincial/territorial governments, are already taking significant steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We know what needs to be done. Renewed Federal participation and leadership will make it happen.
I look forward to working with you as we build a future where Canadians and nature thrive.
David Miller
President and CEO,

Rain drops on a maple leaf in autumn, British Columbia, Canada. © Rachel Sloan / WWF-Canada
Rain drops on a maple leaf in autumn, British Columbia, Canada. © Rachel Sloan / WWF-Canada