Ain’t nothing wrong with being a walrus

Sometimes things get rough on the ice, and no one understands that better than a walrus.  But we were delighted to hear that hockey fans / WWF supporters are taking the edge off heated remarks by keeping things light and supporting good causes at the same time.

Atlantic walrus, Nunavut, Canada
© Paul Nicklen/National Geographic Stock / WWF-Canada

And, just to add our two cents to the mix, we think it’s fair to say that—as far as comparisons to ice-dependent sea mammals go—maybe being called a walrus isn’t so bad?  After all, there are plenty of reasons to love them.  Here are our top 5:
#5 – They’re great at keeping their heads above rough waters!  That’s because walruses have a large air sac in their neck area to keep them buoyant.  It also makes a bell-like sound during mating (rrrow!).
#4 – They’re feelers.  In fact, their whiskers are actually sensitive tactile organs that help them feel more and better (especially when it comes to finding food down on the seabed !).
#3They’re loyal.  Walruses have well-defined social groups and often come to each other’s rescue when attacked.
#2 – They’re easy-going.  They can hang out on land or ice floes, they can hang out in the sea.  And they can even stay under the waves for up to 25 minutes!
And the #1 reason we love walruses
How do we put this into words?  We can’t – you’ll just have to watch it.
Want to share some walrus love?  Adopt one of your very own (or give one to someone special).