Aboard the RV Celtic Explorer, Day Two

By Susan Fudge
Manager, Fisheries Conservation
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February 9, 2011
Today is calibration day, a key part of any acoustic research. I’ll admit this process is somewhat boring, but calibrating the acoustic equipment and the rest of the research equipment is essential to ensure the best data possible will be collected during the surveys.

(c) Susan Fudge/WWF-Canada
This vessel will conduct Atlantic cod winter acoustic surveys during the month of February under the guidance of Dr. George Rose, and will most likely conduct research on other species in the future.
During the day, I helped the crew set up equipment and helped students prep sampling supplies, all while listening to their enthusiasm about research – very motivational indeed! As WWF is a science-based conservation organization, we love this science stuff, and as a bit of a nerd, I love it even more!
(c) Susan Fudge/WWF-Canada
The day wrapped up with an emergency drill, donning submersion suits and taking goofy pictures!
We will be sailing overnight to another bay to begin the first part of the survey. I may have to depart the ship tomorrow as I only have once chance, and if I miss it it’ll be another 20 days before I can leave.  As much as I love at-sea work, this time of year… in the North Atlantic… I think I’ll pass.
(c) Susan Fudge/WWF-Canada
Many thanks to Dr. Rose, and his team and especially the very hospitable crew of the RV Celtic Explorer! Maybe I can tag along again next year?