A message from Gerald Butts

Dear friends,
I wanted to share with you directly that I am leaving as President and CEO of WWF-Canada.
Moving on from a job that you love is tough.   But there are certain things that make it easier.  One is knowing, in your gut, that the time is right.  The other—and very much related—is feeling positive that what you’ve helped build will continue to be strong and grow when you step away.

Over four years ago, when I joined WWF-Canada, I saw the immense potential of this organization to bring its strengths—and the power of its supporters—to tackle Canada’s most globally important issues.  And so together we built a plan.  A plan that would orient us to take on our greatest challenges and opportunities—as Canadians, but also as Earthlings.  An Arctic in the midst of unprecedented transformation.  Three oceans that support some of our most wondrous wildlife (think: narwhal, polar bear, orca, blue shark) and that underpin thousands of jobs and our national economy.  Freshwater, one of our most important—and uncertain—global endowments.  And the realities of a changing climate—a future that will ultimately be decided by the energy paths we choose, as citizens and as nations.
Together we have built ambitious and visionary programs geared to bring WWF’s unique strengths to pioneer solutions for these challenges.  And today, they are led by some of the brightest and most passionate minds I have ever worked with.
These leaders are supported not only by a talented and dedicated staff, but by committed individuals like you, who share WWF’s vision and will to bring about a better future for our planet.
I tell you this to say that, as I step away from the role of President and CEO of WWF, I join you as one of its strongest supporters.  The next great chapter of WWF’s work has just begun.  I am optimistic about what lies ahead, not just for us, but for our country and our planet.
Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for nature.
–Gerald  Butts