How do you #CountForNature?

Make your love of nature count by joining a growing movement of Canadians taking action to safeguard nature. Count yourself in at
I recently had the pleasure to release one of 15 rescued snapping turtle hatchlings into the shallows of Lake Seneca in King City, Ont. The release of these turtles, an at-risk species, was made possible by a single act of caring by one person.

David Miller
With the help of WWF-Canada’s Go Wild Community Grants presented by TELUS, the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre hosted a public event to celebrate their release of 15 snapping turtle hatchlings into wetland habitat at Seneca College © Seneca College

After uncovering a nest of eggs near a bridge scheduled for construction, Seneca College facilities manager Rick Greenlaw set a series of actions in motion that rallied people together to ensure the survival of these turtles.
Stories like this unfold daily across Canada. Some are widely recognized and celebrated; most get little recognition outside their immediate community. All of them speak to the different ways Canadians count for nature.
Conservation isn’t reserved for scientists, wildlife experts or professional environmentalists. We know Canadians value their personal connections to nature. We swim, boat and fish on our oceans lakes and rivers. We plant gardens and trees, grow crops, camp, hike, explore, exercise, birdwatch and so much more. Although we choose to express our love of nature in different ways, it’s a powerful force for conservation if we can harness it in ways that benefit nature.
That’s one of the reasons WWF-Canada is working to foster deeper connections to nature for Canadians through our new Count for Nature campaign.
Just as the baby turtle release would not have been possible without the initial efforts of just one person, and then the combined efforts of so many people who work to protect snapping turtle populations, Count for Nature is driven by the knowledge that what each and every one of us does for nature actually counts.
So, I invite you to count yourself in and join our movement of Canadians taking the next step to ensure nature thrives. When we’re counted together, we can do more to protect and promote nature in this country.
How do you count for nature? We’ll share your stories to recognize and celebrate our individual and collective efforts to safeguard nature in Canada, demonstrating that every day acts of caring for nature can have a big impact.
Our new website will also link you with ways to participate, including how to Make a Splash to keep our freshwater in good health.