105-year-old Beatrice gives to keep birds singing

At WWF-Canada, we have donors of all ages. In fact, some of our supporters have been around for more than a century! 

Beatrice with her symbolically adopted plushes in support of WWF-Canada.

105-year-old Beatrice Weaver grew up in Petitcodiac, N.B. As a young girl, she and her mother wanted to learn more about birds in the area – specifically Canadian geese that were becoming problematic for local farmers — and travelled by train to Moncton to hear a lecture about them. This sparked a lifelong love of birds and other wildlife for Beatrice. Following that lecture, she learned how to identify bird calls and began to keep an eye out for other local species, like foxes. She also became very interested in local flora and learned to identify trees and flowers. During a drought when she was just 10, Beatrice mentioned to her mother (also a wildlife lover) that she was very concerned about robins, and her mother suggested that she save some worms for them. Beatrice still keeps a bird feeder near her window so that she can view the beautiful bird species that she wants to protect.

Why does Beatrice support WWF-Canada? Over the past few years, she has noticed a significant decline in the number of ospreys and other birds in her community. She frequently adopts species from WWF-Canada for her five children and grandchildren (along with herself!) and hopes that we can work together to ensure that habitats are secured for all wildlife. She is also a member of WWF-Canada’s Legacy Circle, through which she will be able to support nature for generations to come. 

Thank you for supporting nature, Beatrice! 

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