10 meaningful and eco-friendly Gifts that Change the World

This holiday season, bring joy to your loved ones and create a brighter future for our planet by choosing from our collection of meaningful and eco-friendly Gifts that Change the World. These presents can quite literally change the world by supporting efforts to recover at-risk species, fight climate change and help Regenerate Canada.

Here is WWF-Canada’s top ten gifts that give back to nature and wildlife.

10. Panda toque and mittens | $50

Help your loved ones keep warm this winter with our cozy panda toque and mittens bundle. The toque is made from 100 per cent organic cotton and the mittens are made from cruelty free wool and warm shu velveteen lining.

Our panda mittens are also available separately in children’s sizes.

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9. Wild socks | $45

wildlife themed socks

Give a gift they’ll go head over heels for. Choose from 10 new wildlife socks. You can build your custom pack of three pairs for just $45. Every purchase will support conservation efforts that help nature and wildlife thrive.

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8. Warm WWF hoodies | $70

Black, cream and blue WWF hoodies

We just launched our exclusive new line of WWF-branded apparel, including lightweight hoodies in three colours. Build your own wardrobe or choose a meaningful gift for the fashionable and eco-conscious people on your gift list.

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7. Unisex and women’s T-shirts | $40

a cream coloured t-shirt with cloud patterned WWF panda logo, and a dark blue T-shirt with the words "grow and thrive,"

Whether they have their head in the clouds or feet firmly planted on the ground, there’s a graphic tee for that.

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6. T-shirts for your little wildlife lovers | $30

two graphic T-shirt designs for kids: ocean creatures and a tiger

Your toddlers and big kids can proudly show off their love for tigers, ocean creatures (and all wildlife) with our new graphic tees.

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5. Match in blue | $30 – $70

Blue WWF hoodie and blue youth T-shirt

Make it a family affair by pairing our blue panda hoodie with our toddler- and youth-sized blue t-shirts.

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4. “Fight climate change with nature” and other virtual gifts | $15 – $75

whooping crane, vancouver island marmot, pika and atlantic puffin

This gift will do double duty by powering nature-based climate solutions that protect and restore habitats for wildlife while storing carbon at the same time. Sent right to your loved one’s inbox, our sustainable e-cards may be virtual, but their impact is very real.

WWF-Canada offers 14 different virtual gifts — all of which are 100 per cent tax deductible and affordably priced from $15 to $75 — that make meaningful last-minute presents.

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3. Eco-friendly gifts for gardeners | $14 – $50

WWF birdhouse, grow and thrive T-shirt, root pouch and monarch adoption

Celebrate nature in your own backyard with our WWF birdhouses. Made from solid Canadian cedar and 100 per cent biodegradable, it pairs well with our women’s “Grow and Thrive” T-shirt, monarch butterfly symbolic adoption and root pouches.

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2. Adoption cards | $25

Fennec fox adoption card

Send a stunning wildlife card with a personalized certificate of adoption for only $25.

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1. Symbolically adopt an orangutan or another species | $45 – $100

young girl cuddling an orangutan family stuffed animal

Give wildlife lovers the chance to take home and learn more about their favourite species. Each of WWF-Canada’s adoptions are designed with the help of our species experts to incorporate unique, true-to-life features and markings. For example, orangutan moms stay with their young until they are six or seven years old. So, for that reason, our orangutan plush comes as a family.

Each kit comes with an adorable wildlife plush, an adoption certificate made out to the gift recipient, an educational poster about the animal, and a reusable tote bag.

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Enjoyed our guide to meaningful and eco-friendly gifts that change the world, but still looking for more gifts that give back ideas? Click here to shop the WWF-Store.