10 gifts kids go wild for

Ask kids what they think about wild animals and the same answer comes back again and again: They love them — a lot. This holiday season, help protect the wildlife they care deeply about by bringing home their favourite species.

WWF-Canada’s symbolic adoption kits won’t just make them roar with joy, they are a great way to teach the importance of conservation and giving back. Each kit comes with an adoption certificate in the child’s name, an educational poster about the animal your gift supports, an adorable wildlife plush and a reusable tote.

Here are kids’ 10 favourite species to adopt. Give a gift that they will go wild for.

  1. Polar bear

It’s the largest bear in the world. While known for its Arctic white appearance, its fur is actually transparent. Adopt a polar bear today.

2. Canada lynx

This cat can walk on top of deep snow thanks to its large, snowshoe-like paws. Adopt a Canada lynx today.

3. African elephant

Weighing as much as 2,700 kilograms, or about the same as a large SUV, it is the world’s largest land mammal. Adopt an elephant today.

4. Caribou (reindeer)

This is the animal on the 25-cent coin. It is also the only member of the deer family in which both males and females have antlers. Adopt a caribou.

5. Lion

The roar of a male can be heard from up to eight kilometres away – the loudest roar of any cat species. Lions are also the most social cat, living in groups called “prides.” Adopt a lion or lioness.

6. Snow leopard

Found in the mountains of Central Asia, this elusive and well-camouflaged cat has earned the nickname “ghost of the mountains.” And, unlike lions, snow leopards can’t roar. Adopt a snow leopard today.

7. Narwhal (unicorn of the sea)

There was once a time when people believed that narwhals were the fabled unicorns, and their spiral tusks possessed magical properties. We now know that this Arctic whale’s tusk is actually a tooth used to sense their surroundings and stun prey. Adopt the unicorn of the sea.

8. Hippopotamus

Everyone wants a hippopotamus for Christmas. Despite their size, hippos are graceful swimmers. Adopt one for the holidays.

9. Tiger

This striped beast is the largest cat in the world. Tigers hear five times better than humans and their night vision is up to six times better. Give a tiger today.

10. Giraffe

Everything about the world’s tallest land-dwelling animal is l-o-o-o-o-n-g. Long legs, long neck and even a long tongue. Take a giraffe home for the holidays.

Other gifts kids go wild for

Nurture their conservation aspirations by adding a marine biologist, polar researcher or wildlife ranger frontline hero doll for just $17.50.
Give them an eco-friendly panda tee so they can proudly show their love for animals and our planet.
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