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Help fight climate change for leatherback sea turtles

Will climate change mark the end of the leatherbacks’
100 million-year journey?

The effects of climate change are driving the leatherback turtle and countless other marine species toward extinction. Fragile ocean ecosystems, already on the brink because of human activities like shipping, unsustainable fishing practices and industrial development, are being pushed past their limit as climate change accelerates sea-ice loss and sea-level rise, warms temperatures and acidifies oceans. The result: the leatherback turtle, a species that outlived the dinosaurs, is now highly vulnerable to extinction.

To protect these gentle ancient giants and countless other species, we must take action to slow the effects of climate change and protect remaining ecosystems as refuges for wildlife. When you support WWF-Canada, your gift helps protect habitats for at-risk species, restore vital carbon-rich ecosystems and reduce carbon emissions with nature.

Protect marine ecosystems before it’s too late.


Will you help WWF-Canada build a future where leatherbacks thrive?

Leatherbacks have criss-crossed oceans for over 100 million years, but we could be witnessing the end of their journey. Leatherback turtles are under threat at every stage of their lifecycle. Warming and rising waters are destroying the beaches they depend on for nesting and changing migratory routes, leading to increasing mortality from ship collisions and fish net entanglements. Combined with the impact of ocean pollution, fisheries entanglement and toxic dumping, the leatherback is now highly vulnerable to extinction.

Here’s how your gift will fight biodiversity loss and climate change to counteract these threats:

Sea Turtle

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Climate Action

to protect and restore coastal ecosystems that absorb and store carbon in plants, algae, and sediment.

Sea Turtle

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Protected Areas

for well-connected healthy marine ecosystem networks that provide essential sanctuaries for all marine life.

Sea Turtle

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No Dumping

for bans that can put an end to dangerous waste being dumped by ships in protected coastal areas.

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Sea Turtle

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