Regenerate Canada, WWF’s new immersive experience at Arcadia Earth Toronto, opens today

A group of people explore WWF's new Regenerate Canada projection mapping room.
A group of people explore WWF’s new Regenerate Canada immersive experience. © Joshua Ostroff/WWF-Canada

TORONTO, Dec. 1, 2023 – The future of the planet isn’t a forgone conclusion. At Regenerate Canada, WWF’s visually stunning and highly interactive exhibit opening today at Arcadia Earth Toronto, the choice is ours.

Using projection mapping technology, guests will explore two possible futures for our planet and the decisions along the way that lead to each.

Ultimately, the story that unfolds in Canada’s forests, peatlands and Arctic — remarkable places that are home to tens of thousands of incredible species and play a key role in regulating Earth’s climate — is one of hope. Guests will learn about nature-based climate solutions – such as restoration and Indigenous-led conservation — and the impact of industry on species at risk and leave inspired with the knowledge that we can still change course and arrive at a brighter future where wildlife, nature and people thrive.

WWF-Canada partnered with Arcadia Earth to create Regenerate Canada, one of 10 unique rooms in the 17,000 square foot multi-sensory experience located within the city’s newest mixed-use complex, The Well. Each room transports visitors into new environments showcasing the beauty of the planet while illustrating the devastating impact of climate change and biodiversity loss.

Tickets are on sale now, with $2 from every individual ticket donated to WWF-Canada. Funds will support the organization’s bold and ambitious 10-year plan to expand habitats, reduce carbon in the atmosphere, lower industrial impacts and, as a result reverse wildlife loss and fight climate change.

Megan Leslie, WWF-Canada's CEO, at the grand opening of WWF's Regenerate Canada immersive exhibit.
Megan Leslie, WWF-Canada’s CEO, at the grand opening of WWF’s Regenerate Canada immersive exhibit. © Joshua Ostroff/WWF-Canada.

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WWF-Canada’s president and CEO Megan Leslie says:

“This exhibit is for anyone who has wondered ‘what can I do to help the planet’ or questioned whether their actions make a difference. It uses the power of art to educate visitors of the potential of nature to fight the biodiversity and climate change crises. And it will leave you inspired to support actions that help protect and restore nature.

We know that people across Canada are aware of the very real threats facing our planet, and many feel pessimistic about the future. This exhibit will show that there is hope, but that we must act now.”

Craig Perlmutter, president of Arcadia Earth Toronto, says:
“Partnering with WWF-Canada to produce the Regenerate Canada projection mapping room at Arcadia Earth gives us the incredible opportunity to empower individuals to take measurable actions for nature that supports expanding and stewarding habitats, reducing carbon emissions and lowering industrial impact.

We’re proud to support WWF-Canada on this mission by donating $2 from every individual ticket sold, which will ultimately help safeguard our world so both nature and people can thrive.”

About Arcadia Earth Toronto
Arcadia Earth is an immersive environmental exhibit that combines large-scale art installations and exciting technology to inspire visitors to take action towards a more sustainable future. Our interactive exhibit will showcase the beauty of our planet and the impact of human actions on the environment. Join us on a journey of discovery and be part of the solution to create a better, more sustainable world for all living beings.

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WWF-Canada is committed to equitable and effective conservation actions that restore nature, reverse wildlife loss and fight climate change. We draw on scientific analysis and Indigenous guidance to ensure all our efforts connect to a single goal: a future where wildlife, nature and people thrive.

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