New holiday gifts that spread joy and fight wildlife loss

WWF-Canada adds three more species to its collection of symbolic adoptions, plus new apparel and other meaningful gifts.

OCTOBER 20, 2022 – World Wildlife Fund Canada is asking people to help stop wildlife loss this holiday season by symbolically adopting species as gifts.

WWF’s recently released Living Planet Report found monitored wildlife populations have declined by 69 per cent, on average, since 1970. WWF-Canada’s symbolic adoptions program offers Canadians the chance to bring home their favourite species while also supporting conservation efforts aimed at reversing this trend.

Each adoption kit costs between $50 – $100 and comes with an adorable plush, a personalized adoption certificate and an educational poster so recipients can learn more about the species and how their symbolic adoption is making a difference.

“There are countless gifts to choose from each holiday season, but few will make as enduring an impact as a symbolic adoption. Unwrapping a gift that helps reverse wildlife loss, restore nature and fights climate change is a dream for wildlife lovers and the eco-conscious recipient,” says Scott Sandison, WWF-Canada’s vice-president of community giving.

New species for adoption this year include the melodic humpback whale, the striking red-eyed tree frog and the devoted African elephant family. Also new is Panu Panda, a super soft panda cub plush designed for infants and toddlers.

Gift givers can also choose from returning favourites such as grizzly bears, narwhal, polar bears, reindeers, tigers and sloths — or save with our brand-new bear and big cat bundles.

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Meet the new species:
Each plush is designed with the help of species experts to incorporate unique, true-to-life features and markings.

  • Humpback whale: Known for its beautiful underwater songs, this majestic marine mammal is impacted by ship collisions, pollution, entanglement and underwater noise. Just like humpbacks in the wild, our plush has countershading — a dark colour on the surface and a light belly.
  • Red-eyed tree frog: Masters of camouflage, red-eyed tree frogs can also use their bright colours to throw off predators. In addition to its vividness, our plush was designed with vertical pupils, which help the nocturnal frog see better at night. Red-eyed tree frog numbers are declining due to factors like habitat loss.
  • African elephant family: Populations were severely depleted by the ivory trade in the 19th Today, poaching and habitat loss continue to endanger this animal. The close bond between elephant moms and their calves inspired the newest family adoption. The plush has huge ears because ears play such an important role in keeping African elephants cool on the savanna.

A photo of the three new symbolic adoption plushies: humpback whale, African elephant family and red-eyed tree frog


Other ways to give meaningfully

WWF-Canada has a variety of environmentally-friendly options that make finding the perfect gift easy.

  • Apparel: Show off your love for wildlife and nature with WWF-Canada’s collection of branded apparel. Choose from lightweight hoodies, wildlife socks, and T-shirts for adults, children and toddlers.
  • Outerwear: Stay warm with our cruelty-free wool mittens, and 100 per cent organic cotton scarf and toque with panda design.
  • Regenerate Canada print: The concentric rings of a tree stump provide a snapshot of nature’s past. By denoting significant dates in our planet’s climate story and casting ahead to the future, this modern 20″x28” print reminds us that we can stay on the right side of the line and choose a better path.
  • Wildlife Cards: Many of the adoptions are now available as a beautiful card-only option.
  • Virtual gifts: With no packaging or mailing, these hassle-free gifts may be virtual, but their impact is very real for the ecosystems and wildlife they help. This holiday season, add “Help a polar bear stay cool” ($20) or “Give a tiger a fighting chance” ($100) to your list of favourite things.

How to order 

  • Visit or call 1-800-26-PANDA.
  • All deliveries are guaranteed in time for the holidays if ordered by Dec. 13 (Dec. 9 for rural delivery). Priority options are available.
  • Shipping is free with the purchase of two or more adoptions kits (or orders of $90 or more) to the same Canadian address.

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