Earth Hour calls for a moment of unity for a planet in crisis

Earth Hour

Saturday, March 23, 8:30 p.m. local time, millions will make a stand against climate change and biodiversity loss

TORONTO, March 19, 2024 – Earth Hour, the world’s largest grassroots environmental campaign, will once again bring together millions of people around the world to shine an unmissable spotlight on the twin perils of nature loss and climate change.

This year, WWF-Canada is asking the public to participate in the Biggest Hour for Earth on Saturday, March 23 (8:30 p.m. local time) by doing something — anything — positive for our planet.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Raise your voice for marine wildlife. Underwater noise pollution is harming species like narwhal and humpback whales, but you can help turn down the volume by urging the federal government to finally release its long-awaited Ocean Noise Strategy. Add your voice by joining our campaign for #LessNoise.
  • Want to create wildlife habitat at home or in your community? Sign up for a free re:grow account to learn how you can help support bees, birds and other wildlife by growing native plants.
  • Register for the WWF Climb for Nature. Every dollar you raise and every step you take is a step toward a brighter future for nature. This year, you can participate in Toronto (April 20 – 21), Vancouver (May 26) or anywhere in Canada (April 20 – June 9).
  • Another activity of your choice — anything goes, as long as it helps make a difference for nature.
  • Take part at the traditional time of 8:30 p.m. local time, or anytime during March 23.

Earth Hour may have started as a symbolic lights-off moment, but over time, it has grown into a movement that invites us to take action in diverse, meaningful ways, and the urgency has only increased.

Megan Leslie, president and CEO of WWF-Canada says:

“Every year, we’re witnessing wildfires, floods and other devastating impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss. It can feel overwhelming, but we still have time to reverse the path we’re on. Earth Hour is a yearly reminder that, across our society here in Canada and across the world’s borders, we can work together to make a difference for our shared home. Every person and every hour counts.”

Three smiling young adults sit inside a circle of lights arranged on the ground outside at an evening gathering.
Earth Hour 2022 event in Tunisia © Earth Hour-Tunisia / Tasnim Khalaf

About Earth Hour

Born in Sydney in 2007, Earth Hour has grown to become the world’s largest grassroots environmental movement, inspiring individuals, communities, businesses and organizations in more than 190 countries and territories to take actions for our planet.

Earth Hour 2024 aims to create the Biggest Hour for Earth with its call-to-action “Give an hour for Earth.” It encourages participants from all walks of life, around the world, to share their commitment to the planet by dedicating one hour to fun, and planet-supportive, activities. From learning about nature by watching documentaries to embracing eco-friendly practices and sustainable diets, there is something for everyone. This serves as a rallying cry for the unprecedented collective action needed to address pressing environmental challenges. Visit to discover more about Earth Hour around the world.

About World Wildlife Fund Canada

WWF-Canada is committed to equitable and effective conservation actions that restore nature, reverse wildlife loss and fight climate change. We draw on scientific analysis and Indigenous guidance to ensure all our efforts connect to a single goal: a future where wildlife, nature and people thrive. For more information visit

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