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WWF-Canada calls for halt of capelin fishery to protect species

Capelin is a keystone species, playing an important role in the marine ecosystem as a food source for predators such as northern cod, whales, and seabirds. Capelin abundance plummeted precipitously 30 years ago and has never recovered. Closing the fishery for now, until a precautionary approach can be applied, is an essential first step in allowing capelin populations to recover. 
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Ship-based oil spill compensation reform needed for Indigenous communities

Indigenous communities face many barriers to receiving compensation for oil spills from ships in their territories — in fact, only one relatively small claim has ever been paid directly to an Indigenous group — according to a new WWF-Canada-commissioned report. When an oil spill from a ship occurs, any person, organization, company,...
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Atlantic Ocean off Newfoundland and Labrador

Canada provides funding for oil and gas development in Newfoundland and Labrador amidst federal scientists’ critique of flawed environmental assessment

K’JIPUKTUK (HALIFAX) –  Earlier this week, Canada’s federal government gave $320 million to support Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore oil and gas industry. Last week, the province also established an offshore exploration initiative that will encourage more drilling and reinvestment in offshore petroleum. These announcements to spur oil and gas...
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