WWF Gift Guide: Nine ways to give back to nature this holiday season

To arm you in your search for the perfect present that shows you care, we’ve compiled a list of gifts that give back – and are sure to impress the animal lovers (and animals) on your list.
More wildlife-inspired gifts under your tree = more species thriving in the wild.

1. Take home a species

Sloths are slow, but our sloth adoption kits have already sold out. But you can choose from 30 other species) to help stop wildlife loss. Each adoption comes with a cuddly plush, personalized adoption certificate and educational poster about the species and conservation work your gift supports.

2. Adopt a red fox and get a wildlife card

Show you care this holiday season by giving a fox. Twelve of our adoption species – like the intelligent red fox – are now available as a $25 wildlife card-only option without the stuffed toy. Each stunning card comes with an embedded adoption certificate, all enclosed in a beautiful envelope. See them all.

3. Help protect our oceans with a special edition WWF S’well bottle

(c) Well.ca

For every bottle sold online at Well.ca or at designated retailers across Canada before Dec. 31, $10 will be donated to WWF-Canada’s ocean conservation programs. Plus, your new S’well bottle will help reduce plastic waste.

4. Give a panda tee

Our new collection of made-in Canada, eco-friendly T-shirts is sure to impress the nature-loving and fashion-conscious. They’re available in children’s, men’s and women’s sizes.

5. …or a something warmer


6. Spoil your wild animal with a WWF pet leash

Pets can help wildlife, too. This cute panda branded leash will help you rein in your four-legged friends’ wild side and support efforts to protect habitat.

7.  Gift a notebook and a mug

Perfect for colleagues or students (or brainstorming ways you can help wildlife), this 100-page notebook is made from 80 per cent recycled cardboard and comes with matching pen. Pair it with this WWF ceramic coffee mug for maximum productivity.

8. Stock your favourite teacher’s classroom

Say thank you to teachers by adopting a giant panda or polar bear for their classroom. Classroom adoption kits include a poster, 36 bookmarks, a plush bear, dozens of activities and bonus online material to help teachers educate students about how they can help wildlife thrive.

9. Help reindeer thrive with a virtual gift

Barren-ground caribou herd. © Don Russell

Barren-ground caribou (reindeer) are an important part of our holiday traditions and among Canada’s most vulnerable species. For the person who has it all, give the gift that helps reindeer thrive. This gift may be virtual, but its impact is very real. Check out our other virtual gifts.

For more great gift ideas that give back, visit wwf.ca/shop.