Written by: David Gosse, Officer, Volunteer & Human Resources
WWF-Canada wants to celebrate National Volunteer Week by thanking ALL of our wonderful and dedicated volunteers.  Without their incredible support, WWF would not be able to achieve all of our conservation goals.
For the past two and a half years, Anna Pyasetsky has been actively volunteering with WWF.  In that time, she has volunteered on both days at our 22nd and 23rd Annual Canada Life CN Tower Climb for WWF-Canada.  Anna has already signed up to volunteer for this year’s Climb, marking her third consecutive year at the event.

© WWF-Canada
© WWF-Canada

In addition to her participation as a Climb volunteer, Anna also volunteers in our Toronto office as a Reception and Clerical Assistant.  Anna has dedicated one day a week for the past six months to this position.
Beyond her regular volunteer duties, Anna has also organized two WWF events at her work: National Sweater Day and an Earth Hour – Special Customer and Staff Connection Weekend (spread over Friday March 28th and Saturday March 29th of this year).
I recently spoke with Anna about her experiences with WWF and how she came to be a part of our Panda family:   
Tell us a bit about you:
I was born in Moscow but I grew up in Israel.  When I was around 18 years of age, I immigrated with my family to Canada.  Since then, I have successfully completed my post-secondary studies at Seneca College of Applied Art and Technology; specializing in their Business-Administration and Management program.  During my final year at Seneca, I was hired with TD Canada Trust.  I have worked for the green bank for just over five years now as a Customer Service Representative (teller) and a Financial Services Representative (Junior Financial Advisor).  Recently, I became the Green Leader of my branch which predominantly consists of implementing processes and procedures that help the branch become more energy efficient, cut costs and reduce carbon footprint and paper consumption.  I have also organized special green programs and liaised with other green leaders and environmental groups and committees within the bank.
In my spare time I enjoy travelling and participating in outdoor activities.  I also like yoga, pilates, reading, sewing, eating out, networking, and learning new languages.  (I am already fluent in Russian, Hebrew and English but I am currently studying French at the intermediate level).
How did you first learn about WWF?
When I was in high school in Israel, I became involved with an animal rescue and protection group which lead me to an article about WWF’s conservation efforts.
What factors inspired or attracted you to volunteer at WWF:
My passion for environmental protection and conservation drove me to be active and apply my leadership skills to influence change.  Making a difference while learning and gaining more information about conservation has definitely made it an even more meaningful experience.  Volunteering with WWF is also a great opportunity to network and examine possible career prospects in the fields of environment preservation, sustainability and conservation.
What is your favourite part about being a WWF volunteer? 
The sense of pride that I get from being a part of such an amazing organization and the ability to interact with all the unique and wonderful staff and volunteers.
What have you learned from volunteering at WWF?
First, I see what makes WWF such a successful global charitable organization.  Second, I learned to conduct some of the day-to-day operations at WWF.  Most importantly, I learned what it is that makes me happy and where I would like to see myself in the future! (Also, I learned that we can enjoy an amazing certified organic fair-trade free cup of coffee at the lunch room).
What advice would you share with others interested in volunteering?
Make the most of volunteer opportunities.  Take the time to get to know the people that make up the organization, what they do, how they do it and how they got to doing it.
I have had the pleasure of working with Anna and I can honestly say: she is a delightful, positive, friendly and engaged volunteer who passionately supports our values and mission.  We are delighted to have such an extraordinary volunteer as Anna on our team.
Thank you Anna and all of our amazing volunteers here at WWF-Canada!  We couldn’t do what we do without you.  Happy National Volunteer Week!
As a Volunteer of WWF-Canada, your time, talent and skills help conserve the diversity of life on our planet! Visit our website to get involved.