For her 5th birthday, Tatiana got an American Girl doll, and WWF got $147.50!

8 year-old animal-lover Tatiana made her birthday party this year ALL about animals. She and 12 of her best friends made stuffed animals, and instead of getting a load of gifts for herself, she gave a donation to WWF to support animals around the world through the charitable giving website, Echoage.
Tatiana echoage
EchoAge is a website for US and Canadian residents, which teaches children about giving to those less fortunate.  How does it work? Each guest contributes a gift amount.  ECHOage collects all of the gifts and deducts an administrative fee. The balance is split in half.  One half of the proceeds is contributed to a charity of your child’s choice and the other half is returned to you to purchase one meaningful gift.
“I really want to help animals,” Tatiana explained. “It’s sad when their habitat gets destroyed and I really want to help however I can.”
Thank you, Tatiana! Your donation and your help is greatly appreciated; by us here at WWF, and although they can’t say it in a blog, by the animals too.