Living Planet Community tip of the week: Use green power

This week’s Living Planet Community tip: Sign up to join a green electricity provider – a company that provides your home with power generated from renewable sources such as wind energy and low-impact water power.
Wait! Before you click away and think “This one sounds too hard/complicated for me to do easily,” I’ll let you in on a secret: it’s actually really simple.
By this point, you probably already know the reasons why we should be switching to green energy – Conventional electricity generation harms the environment. Fossil-fuel powered facilities are a leading industrial source of carbon dioxide, a primary greenhouse gas linked to climate change.
According to information from Statistics Canada, energy use is the single biggest contributor to a home’s emissions footprint. In fact, research indicates our energy use is producing even more emissions than our personal use of vehicles.
When you sign on with a green electricity company, they will provide you with green power that is drawn from sources such as wind turbines and low-impact hydro facilities that cause minimal harm to animal and plant life. This will cost you a little bit more than regular electricity from the power grid.

Windmill powering a waterpump on the Monte Leon estancia. Monte Leon National Park, Patagonia, Argentina. © James Frankham / WWF-Canon

But isn’t it a really complicated process?
Residents of many houses, apartments, or condos can sign up for green energy and I’ll use Bullfrog Power as an example as to how easy it can be.
With Bullfrog:

  • –Signing up takes less than 10 minutes
  • –There is no start up cost, special equipment or wiring required
  • –No contract lock-in—you can cancel your Bullfrog Power agreement at any time.
  • –You will continue to receive a bill from your current electricity and/or natural gas provider, and Bullfrog will send you a separate bill for the additional cost of greening your services
  • –It’s less than $2 a day to green your whole home!

Bullfrog Power offers a clean, renewable electricity choice to everyone in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. If Bullfrog Power is not available in your area, find a provider in your area that offers green electricity – there are lots.
So far, 2202 people have committed to taking this action. Have you? Let us know!