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This election, vote for nature and people

The federal election may be coming fast on September 20, but it will be pivotal in determining the future we want for our families, communities, country and planet.

The climate and biodiversity crises are already here. This summer’s blistering temperatures and wildfires destroyed homes and wildlife habitats and claimed hundreds of lives. Similar scenes have been playing out around the globe, as July became the hottest month on record, and the latest UN climate report showed the window to avoid catastrophe rapidly closing.

The fight against biodiversity loss is similarly urgent at home and abroad, with at-risk species in Canada declining in the face of multiple, cascading threats. Worldwide, a million species are facing potential extinction.

Now, more than ever, we need aggressive and ongoing investments in nature.

The good news is that the solutions exist and together, we can create a more just society that is better for people, the economy and nature. We have an opportunity to invest in nature-based solutions that will help mitigate climate change and make our communities and ecosystems more resilient to its impacts. As we continue to grapple with the pandemic, any government that represents us must rise to the challenge of building an equitable, carbon-neutral and nature-positive future for all.

And it all starts with your vote. 

Casting your ballot sends a clear message about the future you want. With it, you hold decision-makers accountable for their promises and help advance the issues that matter most to you.

Stand with people across Canada and tell politicians that you’ll be casting your ballot for a party that upholds environmental protection, social justice and Indigenous rights.

This letter will be sent to Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

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