WWF Gift Guide: Adopt fennec fox

What’s hotter: the deserts fennec foxes call home or our fennec fox adoption kit?

The fennec fox just joined our collection of species to symbolically adopt and take home. After quickly selling out, we’ve restocked this hot holiday gift. Adopt a fennec fox before it’s gone (again).

Two fennec foxes
(c) Shutterstock / Vladimir-Wrangel

These big-eared foxes live in the sandy deserts of North Africa, including the Sahara Desert. As you can imagine, their habitat is hot and arid. So how do these resilient foxes survive the harsh conditions?

1. Go underground

To minimize exposure to desert heat, they spend most of their day underground. Families of foxes live in in groups, called skulks, of about 10 individuals.

2. Have large ears

The iconic ears of the fennec fox, which are about 10 to 15 cm tall, serve two very important functions that make them successful hunters in the desert: they act as vents to shed excess heat and allow them to hear insects and other prey moving in the sand.

3. Use sunscreen (or have fur)

Fennec foxes’ sandy coloured fur protects them from sunburn during the day by reflecting heat, keeps them warm during cold desert nights and provides camouflage. They also have fur on the bottom of their paws to protect them as they walk across the scorching desert sand.

4. Hunt at night and eat your water

To stay cool, fennec foxes hunt at night. As omnivores, their diet consists of insects, rodents, reptiles, birds and eggs as well as fruits like dates, leaves and roots. Water is hard to find in the desert, so they get most of their water from food.

Fennec fox digging a hole in the sand
© Shutterstock/Hagit Berkovich

Symbolically adopt a fennec fox

The small and resilient fennec fox may be perfectly adapted for life in the desert, but it faces threats such as habitat loss and the illegal wildlife trade. With your symbolic adoption, you’re helping WWF fight to secure the long-term survival of the fennec fox and other species around the world.

Each of WWF-Canada’s adoptable species are designed with the help of WWF species experts to incorporate true-to-life features. Our fennec fox plush was designed with large ears, which help these foxes dispel heat and keep cool in the hot deserts of Africa, where they live.

These fun and educational gifts also include a personalized adoption certificate and stunning poster with information about the species and how the gift is making a difference.

Fennec fox adoption kit, featuring a plushie, poster, adoption certificate and reusable tote bag.

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