Meet your perfect match: 6 Valentine’s Day gifts for every wildlife lover

Love in the animal kingdom doesn’t quite live up to our romantic ideals, no matter how many times you’ve watched Lady and the Tramp. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with a wildlife-inspired Valentine’s Day gift for your beloved human!

We break down how to choose the perfect symbolic wildlife adoption gift for every nature-loving Valentine.

Two baby cheetahs resting during sunset in Mashatu Main Camp in Botswana.
© Jules Jal / WWF

When you fall fast

Adopt a cheetah if your relationship went from 0 to 96 km/h in under three seconds.





Two male polar bears (Ursus maritimus) sparring, Churchill, Canada
© WWF-US / Elisabeth Kruger

For the polar opposites that attract

Adopt a polar bear if you couldn’t be more different but still go together like polar bears and sea ice.





© Jeremy HARRISON / WWF-Canada

When you want to say, “I caribou you”

Adopt a caribou for the one special friend you’d travel thousands of kilometres across the Arctic tundra to be by their side.



© Sarah Pietrkiewicz

When you’re meant to “bee”

Adopt a bumblebee for the queen bee of your heart. They’ll be buzzing with joy knowing their gift also shows nature some love.





Narwhal crossing tusks above water surface. Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada
© / Eric Baccega / WWF

If your love is rarer than a two-tusked narwhal

Very few people have been lucky enough to spot a two-tusked “unicorn of the sea.” Although our narwhal plush is so rare it sold out, you can still send your own sea unicorn an e-card that helps protect a narwhal’s icy home.


Giant Panda with a young cub in Shaanxi province, China.
© WWF China / Yong Yange

For your un“BEAR”ably cute cub

Adopt a giant panda for the little ones you can’t get enough of. Giant panda cubs are born 1/900th the size of their moms and they spend all their time together those first few months.

This Valentine’s Day choose from WWF-Canada’s collection of Gifts that Change the World for the loved ones who are your world.