Turn your route into art during WWF’s Race for Wildlife

Families, friends, colleagues and wildlife enthusiasts across Canada will be taking part in WWF’s Race for Wildlife from September 22 to 24. And you can make the Race for Wildlife more than just an athletic feat — we’re challenging you to flex your creative muscles by creating a race route in the shape of your favourite species.

Use your neighbourhood as your canvas and turn your route into a GPS work of art!  

It’s easy to do: 

  1. First, register for WWF’s Race for Wildlife 
  2. Then, plan out a route in your neighbourhood in the shape of your favourite species. 
  3. Start training on your route and use your preferred fitness tracker or mapping tool to record it. 
  4. Share your wild route with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Threads with the hashtag #RaceForWildlife AND tag or mention @WWFCanada. Or, simply email it to us at [email protected]. 

Take a look of some of these great examples, then let your imagination (and legs or wheels) run wild. 

Follow a Whale Trail in Vancouver, B.C.

A running route in the shape of a whale on a map in downtown Vancouver
Whale Route Vancouver © WWF-Canada

Try a Tiger Trek in Toronto, ON

A picture of a running route in the shape of a tiger, in a park
Tiger Route Toronto © WWF-Canada

Do a Fox Trot in Ottawa, ON

Picture of a running route in the shape of a fox, on a map in Ottawa
Fox Route Ottawa © WWF-Canada

Race a Reindeer Route in Ottawa, ON

Picture of a running route in the shape of a reindeer, on a map in Ottawa
Reindeer Route Ottawa © WWF-Canada

Take flight like a Moth in Halifax, NS

Picture of a running route in the shape of a moth in Halifax
Moth Route Halifax © WWF-Canada

Register now for WWF’s Race for Wildlife and start planning your race route today! 

Why Race?

WWF’s Race for Wildlife is a family-friendly event where you can go the distance for wildlife at your own pace from anywhere in Canada. Your route, and how you race, is up to you: run, walk, wheel or skip a 5K, 10K or 21K course — or race any distance of your choice.  

The funds you raise will support Regenerate Canada, WWF-Canada’s 10-year plan to restore at least one million hectares of degraded habitat and steward at least 100 million hectares of ecologically rich ecosystems.