How your Will can protect your loved ones and nature

What do you think of when you hear the word “Will?” For many, it brings to mind confounding legal jargon, dividing up assets and all the what-ifs that the future might hold. But nowadays, Wills go far beyond that.

Most people don’t realize the potential of their Wills to make a powerful impact for nature. They can be an opportunity to do more for their family, their finances — and the natural world. WWF-Canada has been partnering with the Will Power campaign so that WWF-Canada supporters understand how they can change the world with their Will.

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Over 3 million Canadians have joined the movement to create “ethical Wills” — those that pass down both your assets and your values by supporting the causes you care about. Think of ethical Wills as protecting your people and the planet. When you leave a charitable gift in your Will you can take care of loved ones and make a significant impact to protect nature. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

You might still have questions about how it all works. Take this two-minute quiz to find out what your Will can do for nature.

A Will is a document that:

People who include a charity in their Will are typically:

When you support a cause in your Will, you are taking away your ability to support your loved ones.

Most Canadians can make a bigger contribution to their cause through their Will. The average gift left in a Will is:

When you leave a gift to charity in your Will, you don’t know it will be used.

It’s hard to change or amend your Will once it has been finalized.

Thanks for taking the quiz. We hope you’ve discovered how much more you can do with your Will to make a big impact for nature!

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