WWF-Canada welcomes focus on nature-based solutions in 2020 Throne Speech

September 23 – WWF-Canada is pleased to see many of our priorities highlighted in today’s #ThroneSpeech when it addressed the urgent nature crises of biodiversity loss and climate change.

This is a transformative moment and we applaud the announcement of a new plan to exceed Canada’s 2030 climate goals, which we’re currently not close to meeting, and legislation locking-in net-zero emissions by 2050.

We’re especially happy to see the focus on “nature-based solutions to fight climate change,” and can work with you on this!

While previously announced, protecting 25 per cent of Canada’s lands and seas by 2025 remains key to addressing biodiversity loss and climate change, and we call for our government to be global leaders by achieving as much of this possible through Indigenous-led conservation.

Protecting and restoring natural carbon sinks like forest and wetland habitats can safeguard at-risk species, mitigate emissions and provide resilience to climate impacts like floods and fires.

The announced creation of a Canadian Water Agency is also critical to ensuring future freshwater health for wildlife and people, and WWF-Canada has been advising on how to incorporate citizen and community science into the new agency.

We have also been advocating for the Blue Economy while helping establish sustainable fisheries in Nunavut and look forward to ocean-based investments that support economic opportunity, reconciliation and conservation.

As the Governor-General said when pledging increases in urban biodiversity and green spaces, the pandemic has reminded “Canadians of the importance of nature.” And we’d like to remind the government that Canadians need actions that truly reflect this importance.

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