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Le Mange-Trottoir

Le Mange-Trottoir

01/01/2014 - Present

Mange-Trottoir attracts, gathers, informs, educates and inspires the local and international community. It meets the needs of a city that is redeveloping on a human scale to address urban greening, citizen engagement, ecological agriculture, and the reduction of urban heat islands.

Initially launched by a neighborhood resident, the project is the end result of a collective reflection involving several members of the community. In spring 2014 they got the idea to grow sidewalk container gardens at the corner of de Castelnau and Drolet streets in Villeray, Montreal, and since then the project has really taken shape. The group rolled up their sleeves and have built what is one of the most lush and collaborative green urban agricultural projects in Montreal. Several containers are neatly arranged on the sidewalks on both sides of the street, containing a variety of edible and native plants, to the delight of residents who come to take their pick. In addition, social and educational group activities are regularly offered around the edible sidewalk gardens.

Financed primarily by residents through plant sales and with the help of the Villeray éco-quartier, UQAM and the Montreal Urban Ecology Centre—this project creates great opportunities for local residents to connect with each other and discuss agriculture.

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