This Halloween, Roar for Tigers

When I was a kid, my parents would throw huge costume parties. I loved seeing the grown ups dressed as celebrities, punks monsters, and… ketchup bottles? Yes, my family thinks outside of the box.
Not me though. My costume is always a zombie. But this year, instead of groaning for “braiiiins,” I’ll be roaring for tigers.
It’s just plain scary: In the last 10 years alone we have lost almost half of all wild tigers. But in November, the heads of government from the 13 countries that still have wild tigers in their forests will come together for an historic meeting: The Tiger Summit.
Whether you’re dressing up as a robot or a warrior princess, you can send a message to these leaders. Visit our Roar for Tigers page, and send us your best roar – photo, video or text.
Looking for some more fun? Try carving one of these WWF-themed pumpkins. Have a safe and happy Halloween this weekend!
(c) WWF